TwGit Normalize your Git's workflow !

Twgit is a free and open source assisting tools for Git. By defining the concepts of “feature, release and hotfix” in the development branches and by guaranteeing integrity until production release of a feature, Twgit brings the branching model as needed in a professional environment.

It has been successfully used at Twenga since 2011 and has enabled our agile teams to follow an optimised & efficient workflow from development to production.

Who is it for ?

  • Companies who want to structure and industrialize developments handled by Git.
  • Project leaders who want to select or reject features to be put into production.
  • Developers who want to give functional coherence to Git’s branch system.
  • QA testers who want to know which was pushed to the QA server by consulting the features pushed in the release branch.


  • Synchronization of developments amongst developers.
  • Preparation for release by selection of finalized features.
  • Management of hotfixes on the production branch.
  • Simplified rollback during production.
  • Linking of features with Redmine and Github.

How it works ?

  • Twgit was developed in Bash and is compatible with Mac/Linux. It is an upper layer to Git in the command line.
  • It semi-automates Git manipulations whilst carrying out a maximum number of controls and returning relevant information.
  • It is non intrusive and can be used in addition to basic Git commands.